Nevar was the greatest of Axeothian Archmages, and an important background character from the Heroes of Might and Magic IV expansion, The Gathering Storm.

During his life, Nevar wore five legendary artifacts, each associated with the five schools of magic extant on Axeoth. After Nevar's death, five magician obtained control over the artifacts: Eradawn the Druid took the Wayfaring Boots, Delnar the Battle mage took the Archmages' Hat, Alberon the Crusader took the Angelfeather Cloak, Raylon the Fire diviner took the Ring of Flares and Cardonis the Dark Lord took the Staff of Disruption.

Now possessing mighty relics, each of these enchanters proclaimed him or herself as Master of their respective magical college. During The Gathering Storm, another Archmage, Bohb started a quest to assemble Nevar's five artifacts so he could use them in the fight against Hexis. He successively defeated his five rivals, and took the artifacts from them.