Nergal's Puzzle is a quest in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions.


To access the quest, the Void Rising campaign must be completed.

Nergal decided to test his poison on the naga. Thus, Kaiko, leader of the naga, fights back.

Nergal ensured that Kaiko dies at the next turn.

Kaiko, who has 4 Might, 3 Magic, 1 Destiny and 2 Health, controls a stream singer on the back line, a dire wolf, a wanizame and a mizu-kami on the front field. She has a coral priestess, lesser air elemental, kenshi and lifting wind cards in her hand.

Nergal, who has 6 Might, 6 Magic, 1 Destiny and 7 Health, controls a vampire knight and a ravenous ghoul in the front line and a neophyte lich and two lamasu in the back line.

There are two Rise of the Nethermancer event cards in play. Both heroes have 6 resources.