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Race Human, Immortal
Gender Male
Birth Over a hundred years before Crusaders of Might and Magic
Occupation Master of the Legion of the Fallen
Affiliation Legion of the Fallen, Dark Gods of Ardon, The Kreegan Hives
Class Necromancer (lore)
Appearances Crusaders of Might and Magic

"Don't be sentimental, mortal. This war is bigger than any village. The very power of the Elder Races hangs in the balance, a power that only I will possess."
—Necros to Drake

Necros is the primary antagonist of Crusaders of Might and Magic, an ambitious and formidable Necromancer who seeks to tap into the power of the Ancients and the Kreegans. Though not actually Undead, he is the creator and master of the Legion of the Fallen, and is believed to be physically invincible.


"So where can we go from here?"
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Death God theoryEdit

"Perhaps we should go home? I'm no Solmyr!" -- Narxes
This section's canonical status is questionable. It may contain non-canon, quasi-canon or fanmade material, and does not represent official Might and Magic lore.

There is an unofficial theory proposed among fans that Necros may be the true identity of the enigmatic God of Death from Heroes IV's Half-Dead campaign, having survived the Kreegan Gate to eventually emerge in the Plane of Death and further his scheme to destroy Ardon. Were Necros indeed the Death God, the truth behind the latter character's apparently unexplained motives is made clearer.

Both characters are affiliated with the Kreegans, and share the common goal of ending all life in the universe. The Death's God's physical description, an "inhumanly tall figure masked in a black cloak that draped behind him like a shadowy wedding train with a life of its own" with "a gnarled, gray hand" is consistent with Necros' appearance. The theory would also suit his background as a form of necromantic alchemist in Celestia's service.



  • The Book of Ages which refers to Necros as the Dark Lord states that "should this hero (Drake) be slain, the Dark Lord will make his dominion of all the world and your own flesh will his demons feast upon". Interestingly, Drake was apparently killed between the events of Crusaders and Warriors of Might and Magic, yet Necros' fate is ambiguous.
  • Necros' statement that he served under Celestia before his scarring seems inconsistent. Celestia assumed command of the Crusade only ten years before Crusaders, and the Legion - created by Necros - existed for at least a decade before then. However, it is possible that Celestia had worked on with Necros outside of the Crusade long before then, only affiliating herself with Citadel after the end of their alliance.

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