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Kensei Official Artwork for Heroes VI

Nagas are reptilian humanoids living in a mystical and military feudal culture on the island kingdom of Hashima in the world of Ashan. They worship the Dragon of Water, Shalassa.


The Naga history is mostly unknown to the rest of the world.


The Nagas are living under military feudal government in the Lotus Empire, which contains vast underwater realms as well as islands, like the island of Hashima. The supreme ruler of Hashima and all Nagas is the Eternal Empress. Several Daimyos serve under her.


They are equally at home on land and in the sea, though they move faster in the water. Viewing their time upon Ashan as fleeting and illusory, they strive for perfection in their behaviour and skills. The ideals of purity, simplicity, and harmony are reflected in their magic, their warfare, and their life philosophy.


Nagas are masters of the “quiet” magic sphere of Water, that renders the body and the mind as malleable as a liquid. They place much store in wisdom and in study. For this reason, their magic tends to work overtime and build gradually to a smashing crescendo. Attack spells may echo the effects of tidal waves or hurricanes; blessings permit the troops to attack in unstoppable waves; curses leave the enemy slowed and off balanced.

Heroes V plansEdit

The Nagas were, at one stage, planned to appear in the Academy, but were replaced by Rakshasas when it was decided to develop them as a focal race. Concept art for their prospective town, the Sanctuary, exists, and several unused models were left over in the data files, but they are not present in the game itself. They are also portrayed in concept art appearing in Heroes of Might and Magic Kingdoms. They appear as a playable race in Might and Magic: Heroes VI.



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HoMM V Naga

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