Murlank is a nation that's mentioned in Might and Magic: The Sea of Mist. It is a small island nation located in the North Sea, far to the north of Soronne. It is described as a cruel, inhospitable place, and a stronghold for those who practiced the Dark Rites. It was home to a school of magic that taught its students the ways of Darkness, much like the Magistracy of Soronne taught the ways of the Light.

Fourteen years after he first came to the Magistracy, Praz-El received a letter from Murlank. It contained a map to the place, and several sheets of paper showing waystops and the names of people he should contact during his journey. It also included a short note, telling him that his time had come and that if he wanted to learn about his life, he should come to Murlank. There was no need to respond - if he came, they would know about it.

The next day, Sendark attacked Soronne. In the days that followed, Praz-El lost his best friends, Telop Vine and River, as well as his foster father, Magistrate Bo. He also realized that, despite what he had always believed, he was not in love with Lissella Morely, one of his fellow students - they just shared a Darkness inside them that drew them to each other. He didn't love her, and he certainly didn't trust her.

With nothing tying him to Soronne any longer, Praz-El decided to leave.

"The ties to his past were gone, and he knew that the mysteries of his life would all soon be answered in a dark and faraway keep known as Murlank."

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