Mt. Anon is the fourth scenario in the Masters of Magic campaign in The Gathering Storm.

"Bohb, now alone, must face Raylon, the Master of Chaos Magic on the fiery peaks of Mt. Anon for the fourth of Nevar's artifacts, the Ring of Flares. Bohb must find a way to counter Raylon's powerful and destructive Chaos magic to secure a victory."

Information Edit

"Violet, having completed her quest to unify her tribes, has left for home to handle negotiations between the various clans. Bohb must now journey to the center of the fiery peaks of Mt. Anon alone to battle Raylon for the fourth of Nevar's artifacts, the Ring of Flares."

After entering Raylon's volcanic homeland, Bohb battled and defeated the powerful Sorcerer, claiming the Ring of Flares.

Strategy Edit

On this map, Bohb starts out with a Haven town, with two neutral Havens further east. Northeast of the third Haven, there's the College of Chaos Magic, teaching him some Chaos magic skills, and a Shipyard that will allow him to reach Raylon's volcanic island.

There are four Asylums on the island, three of which start in Raylon's possession. By capturing a few, Bohb can bring over reinforcements, and learn Chaos spells. There's plenty of Coliseums and Coliseums of Magic that will allow him to level up - battling black dragons and faerie dragons should be very achievable.

To the northwest, there's an Altar of Light that will allow him to train angels, and some other Haven creature dwellings.

Raylon's army can be impressive on harder difficulties, but the most dangerous part is the sorcerer himself - a few high-level Chaos spells can do great damage to Bohb or his army. Take him out quickly.