Mist town map

Map of Mist[1]

Mist is a town in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. It is located in Misty Islands.

Map guide Edit

  1. Duelists' Edge: Location of Vladamir, who teaches the basic mace, bow, chain armor, shield, and body building skills.
  2. Dragon tower. Must be visited for the Reset all of the Dragon Towers quest.
  3. Home of Lesiah Marduk, burglar hireling.
  4. Buccaneers' Lair: Location of Rob, who teaches the basic leather armor, diplomacy, identify item, perception, and disarm trap skills.
  5. Home of Arthur O'Leery, who teaches expert leather armor and sells membership to the Buccaneers' Lair.
  6. Home of Bernard Jacobs, who teaches expert repair item.
  7. Home of Gonzalo Ramirez, who teaches expert spear.
  8. Armor Emporium: Armorshop. Location of Calvin, who sells second-level leather armor, chain armor, shields, helms and gauntlets, with specials on third-level leather armor, chain armor, helms, and gauntlets.
  9. Arm's Length Spear Shop: Weaponshop. Location of Random, who sells first-level staffs, spears, halberds, and tridents, with specials on second-level staffs, spears, halberds, and tridents.
  10. Island Testing Center: Training grounds. Location of Marid, who offers training up to level 30.
  11. Home of Myyra Hian, psychic hireling.
  12. Home of Calvin Black, who teaches expert staff.
  13. Magic fountain that provides +20 luck temporarily.
  14. The Imp Slapper: Tavern. Location of the innkeeper Martin. The back door leads to Hugger Brother, sailor hireling.
  15. Magic fountain that restores 10 spell points.
  16. Mist Island Temple: Location of Johann, who offers healing.
  17. Docks. Location of the ship Adventure and its captain Louis, who offers travel to Castle Ironfist on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Silver Cove on Mondays and Thursdays, and Bootleg Bay on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
  18. Initiate Guild of Water: Location of Ellis, who teaches basic water magic and learning, and sells the first seven water magic spells.
  19. Initiate Guild of Air: Location of Ardien, who teaches basic air magic and learning, and sells the first seven air magic spells.
  20. Home of Norio Ariganaka, who teaches master meditation.
  21. The Reserves: Bank. Location of Stanley.
  22. Lock, Stock, and Barrel: General store. Location of Alice.
  23. Witch's Brew: Magic shop. Location of Linda, who offers first-level miscellaneous artifacts, with specials on second-level miscellaneous artifacts.
  24. Home of Harper Collins, who teaches master water magic and sells membership to the Guild of Water.
  25. Home of Caao Salem, who teaches master air magic and sells membership to the Guild of Air.
  26. Home of Jezebel, who teaches master fire magic and sells membership to the Guild of Fire.
  27. Initiate Guild of Fire: Location of Marton, who teaches basic fire magic and learning, and sells the first seven fire magic spells.
  28. Town Hall: Location of Charles D'Sorpigal, who offers the Storm the Silver Helm Outpost quest; Earnest, who offers bounty hunting; and Bertrand Scrivner, the mayor.

Sources Edit

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