Icon-MM1 Minor devil Icon-MM1
MM1 Minor Demon
Hit Points: 16-23
Armor Class: 4
Special attack: 30% chance
Energy Blast
# of Attacks: 2
Damage: 1-4
Speed: 15
Bonus on Touch: Yes
Regeneration: Yes
Experience: 250
Treasure: 30 + gems
Magic: 20%
Fire: No
Electric: No
Cold: No
Energy: Yes
Nonmagical: No

Minor devil (Minor incubus on NES) is a monster in Might and Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum.


Although Minor Devils aren't as powerful as their stronger counterparts, they are still hard to deal with if they come in groups. Their attack is very weak - their maximum hit is a mere 4 HP - but their special abilities to cast Energy Blasts and regenerate is what makes them dangerous. They can hit up to 12 damage and regenerate around 4 HP each turn using their special abilities. Even more - they can cast spells even if they are in melee range. Minor Devils are also fairly intelligent and will advance to the front row if there are weaker allies there, and will not if they are wounded, until they regenerate.

When fighting Minor Devils, if there are any more weaker enemies in the encounter, make sure to focus on the Devils to prevent unnecessary damage to the party; due to their low AC they are easy to hit. Unfortunately, there is no way to resist their Energy Blasts, as Energy is one of the hardest to resist elements in the series. As Minor Devils are magic resistant, don't attempt to cast offensive spells and fall back to using blessings. This way, even though the player might be tempted to cast Silence, don't do it - the spell will likely fail. However, mass spells such as Weaken sometimes work as Minor Devils don't have complete spell immunity.

Minor Devils are the most dangerous enemies in the Cavern under Sorpigal.