Might and Magic VI: The Chaos Conspiracy is a mod for Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. It was developed by the Might and Magic fans Jeff, HodgePodge, The Maestro, Big Daddy Jim, and Oleg Lunin. Might and Magic VI must be installed to play the mod.

The story is divided into two parts, further divided into nine chapters. Part one takes place on Enroth, with a new main storyline, quests and subquests, and weapon and creature stats.

Part two takes place on the new world of Nimradur, and is different from most Might and Magic games. Instead of traveling from town to town, solving quests, the party enters an unknown world with "no maps, no villages, no towns; only Creation in its rawest of forms"[1]. The party must gather clues from nature to finish the main quest and fight the Lord of Chaos in his own domain.

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