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Might and Magic Mobile II
Might and Magic 2 Mobile 1
Developer Gameloft
Publisher Gameloft
Series Spinoff
Release date September 16, 2007
Genre Role-playing game
Format Java Platform, Micro Edition
Previous game (release) Hammers of Fate
Next game (release) Tribes of the East
Universe Non-canon
Setting Erathia
Next game (chronology) Might and Magic Mobile

Might and Magic Mobile II is a role-playing video game developed and released by Gameloft for mobile phones (Java ME platform). It is a prequel to the original Might and Magic Mobile. Like its predecessor, it does not follow the continuity of the core Might and Magic series. This game is based on a castle storm in which you take many roles.

The game was also reskinned with a modified story and setting without the Might and Magic license and released on the Nintendo DSi under the name Legends of Exidia.

Might and Magic Mobile 2 Official Trailer (2007, Gameloft Ubisoft)00:30

Might and Magic Mobile 2 Official Trailer (2007, Gameloft Ubisoft)

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