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Might and Magic
The global logo for the brand under Ubisoft Entertainment.
Publisher New World Computing (1986-1996)
The 3DO Company (1996-2003)
Ubisoft Entertainment (2003-present)
First release Might and Magic Book One: Secret of the Inner Sanctum (1986)
Latest release Might and Magic X: Legacy (2014)
Might and Magic Logo

Might and Magic (recently Might & Magic, and often MM in conjuction with other characters) is a Fantasy and Science Fiction franchise, consisting of computer role-playing and strategy games, books and console video games; which spawned from the computer role-playing video game series Might and Magic produced by Jon Van Caneghem. The original series was developed by New World Computing under the direction of - and originally single-handedly by - Jon Van Canegham until the Bankruptcy of New World Computing's parent company and Might and Magic Publisher 3DO. The Franchise was then bought by Ubisoft, who created a new continuity for further games, which is completely unrelated to the original universe.


Original universeEdit

Main article: Original universe

Ubisoft continuityEdit

Main article: Ubisoft continuity

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