General Miah (sometimes spelled Maih) is a character in the Dragon's Blood campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's Blade. He is one of Mutare's greatest generals, and guards her lands while she tries to reach the Vial of Dragon Blood before Ordwald.

Biography Edit

When Mutare entered Ordwald's lands to take advantage of the invasions by Lord Preuet and Lord Caomham, she left Miah in charge of the defense of her own lands. As she fought the two young lords, Miah sent her a message informing her that the other Nighon lords were probing the borders, looking for signs of weakness.

Mutare knew that none of the other lords had anything against her personally, and that Miah was competent enough to deter an invasion, but she still sent some of her low-level recruits to strengthen the garrisons. Seeing that Mutare's lands were well protected, the other lords instead began to skirmish around Preuet's and Caomham's lands.

When Mutare had driven the other lords out of Ordwald's lands, she followed Ordwald's trail to the entrance of the deeper caverns of Nighon. She sent Miah to mop up the last resistance and rebuild the defenses, hoping that he could hold the other lords back while she dealt with Preuet and Caomham. When Miah's defenses were too well-prepared, the other lords instead began sending scouts and spies to gather information about Mutare's quest.

Mutare entered the Deep Caverns to claim the Vial of Dragon Blood, and Miah took command of the forces at the entrance. He stopped the other lords from following her by raiding their camps, killing their scouts, laying false trails, or just crushing them if they got too bold.

When Mutare reached the vial and was turned into a dragon, Ordwald told three powerful Nighon lords that anyone who drank her blood would also transform into a dragon. Knowing that a rumour like this would encourage the other lords to attack her, Mutare told Miah to spread another rumour: that drinking Mutare's blood would just make them sick, and that some heroes who had tried it had been sick for a week. She hoped this would discourage the other lords.

Mutare soon slew Ordwald and his allies, claiming their lands and riches for herself.