A minor antagonist in Heroes of Might and Magic IV, Mazellian - once a human - fell deeply in love with a woman named Daeraphena, whose body he turned to ice upon realizing she didn't love him. Ruling over his small underground dominion for hundreds of years, he was ultimately killed by the genie Solmyr.


In his youth, Mazellian met a very beautiful woman named Daeraphena, and instantly fell in love with her, becoming her suitor. His sentiment was not mutual, however, and even though Daeraphena was flattered by his profound love, she considered Mazellian "ugly and pale, and he rarely bathed. How could a woman love such a man?"

When Mazellian finally realised the truth, he became overwhelmed with jealousy, killing the man Daeraphena truly loved. Afterward, he cast a curse on Daeraphena, turning her body to ice so he could have her for eternity. The woman possessed some magic on her own, however, and was able to detach her spirit from her body before the curse transformed her. He remained in his subterranean domain for centuries, becoming undead to perpetuate his lifespan.

When Solmyr returned to the Underworld several months after destroying Old King Dreggar to gather information on the Rainbow Crystal, he encountered Daeraphena's spirit, and was entreated to assist her in exchange for knowledge. Navigating the corridors of the shadowy ruins, he conquered Mazellian's abodes - the Necropoles of Mazzak and Mazelar - and killed Mazellian, quickly putting an end to his villainy by freeing Daeraphena's body from its curse.


Based on Archilus, Mazellian appears only in the penultimate scenario in Heroes IV's The Price of Peace campaign: To Slay an Immortal. He begins guarding the Necropolis of Mazelar, and is a level 25 Assassin (initially a Necromancer), with Expert Combat, Expert Archery, Grandmaster Death Magic, Grandmaster Demonology and Grandmaster Necromancy.

Mazellian begins with Aura of Fear, Hand of Death, Mass Sorrow, Pain Mirror, Raise Skeletons and Raise Vampires. He also possesses +3 attack, +12 defense, +30 spell points and +3 speed bonuses. Killing Mazellian is required to complete the scenario.


Mazellian appears only in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.