Maven is a character that appears in Might and Magic: The Sea of Mist. She is one of Sendark's servants aboard the Demero. It is never revealed what species she is, but she has a cat's body, a dead child's face, great wings, and large, sharp talons.

After their first attack on Soronne, Sendark's forces brought back the bodies of their enemies to be raised as zombies, and Maven showed Sendark the greatest of them. This included the minotaur warrior Palomar, the goblin thief Rifflin, and Magistrate Bo, a great mage who was the leader of Eldrar's Tower.

When Praz-El and the other heroes sailed to the Isle of the Dead to stop Fahd Mandel and Commander Lenik from draining the power of the magic fountain, Maven spied on them from far above, reporting back to Sendark when anything noteworthy happened. He watched through her eyes as they landed ashore. One of Sendark's ships had just been destroyed by a magic tremor, and when he contacted Clavis to learn more, he was told that it had been caused by a single man - Praz-El. Clavis informed him that the young warrior was the foster son of Magistrate Bo.

Sendark called forth Magistrate Bo's zombie and commanded him to tell him everything he knew about Praz. When he learned that the boy was the son of Daria and an unknown god of darkness, he realized that Praz could turn out to be both useful and important, and he commanded Clavis and Maven to aid Praz-El and make sure he survived the coming conflict.

With Clavis' aid, the heroes soon reached the underground chamber, where the magic fountain was floating over a great chasm. Praz used his magic to make some large rocks from the roof float in the air, enabling him to cross the chasm and battle Fahd Mandel and Commander Lenik. At one point, Mandel cast a shimmering wave that pushed Praz off the rock, but as he fell into the chasm, Maven flew into view and pushed a chunk of rock within his path. This allowed him to reach another rock, and he soon returned to the combat, destroyed the fountain, and sent the two villains falling into the abyss below.