The Master of Scouts is a character in the Dragon's Blood campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's Blade. He was the leader of Mutare's scouts and spies.

Biography Edit

When Lord Preuet and Lord Caomham invaded Ordwald's lands, Mutare decided to take the opportunity to attack all three lords while they were busy with each other. As she was fighting against Preuet's and Caomham's forces, she realized that noone had seen Ordwald or most of his army, so she sent her Master of Scouts out to find him. He was at first unsuccessful, and fearing her wrath, he cringed whenever she looked at him. But Mutare knew the man was far too useful to risk getting rid of him, so she waited patiently.

He eventually discovered that Ordwald had headed into the deeper caverns of Nighon, trying to find the Vial of Dragon Blood. Mutare followed him, bringing the Master of Scouts with her to scout the area and spy on her enemies. She managed to reach the vial before Ordwald did, turning her into a dragon. With her new powers, she eventually became the ruler of all of Nighon.