"The muscles become like rubber and the lungs constrict to allow in far less air. The result is an enemy army that is tired, sluggish, and easier to defeat."
Mass Slow is a fourth-level Order Magic spell in Heroes of Might and Magic IV that costs eight spell points and causes all non-immune enemy targets to move at half speed and movement.


All of the tasty goodness of its lower-level counterpart are enjoyed by Mass Slow, distributed among your enemies like so many poisoned loaves. Likewise, it can be countered by opposing spells such as Mass Speed and Mass Haste, and by artifacts and skills.

In the Equilibris mod, stacks of more than 25 genies have access to this spell. In the mid-game, splitting off a stack of genies specifically for this purpose can free the primary Order caster for more important work during early combat rounds.

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