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Mass Death Ward is a fourth-level Life magic spell from the Heroes of Might and Magic IV. It costs eight mana and causes all friendly targets to become 50% resistant to Death spells, and increases their Melee and Ranged Defense by 50% against Death-aligned opponents.

In-game descriptionEdit

More than any force, we must protect ourselves from unnatural powers of Death!OffBck


One of a series of ward spells in the life spellbook, this is very useful if you're facing Death and useless if you're not.

These spells add quite a bit of randomness to how powerful life spells are in any game - if you get the wards matching your opponent's alignment then your spells may be much more powerful than if you don't (though the ward will still be useful against neutral creatures). This randomness is especially pronounced with the fourth level mass wards as there are only 7 level 4 Life spells and only two of these appear in each mage guild. Pray for a good mass ward spell!

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