"They ran me out like some common crook! They hit me with rocks, and spat on me. How dare they? Well, they'll pay. They'll ALL pay!"
Mass Curse is a third-level Death Magic spell in Heroes of Might and Magic IV that costs five spell points and causes all enemy units to inflict the minimum damage in their random damage range with every attack.


As with the single-target version, this spell has the most effect on heroes, Chaos creatures, and level four units, all of which have wide damage ranges. The spell's universal area makes choosing a particular target to be more effective a non-issue.

While perhaps not the strongest debuff in Death's repertoire, it is one of the most reliable, as it is not a mind spell, and will work on any creature, save those immune to all magic.

When this spell is cast, any creatures enjoying the effects of the Bless spell will have it negated, and be cursed instead.

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