Marksmen are key in battle, able to weaken the enemy ranks before melee combat. Their powerful crossbows loaded with heavy bolts are especially deadly at close range.OffBck

The marksman is the upgrade to the archer, the second-level creature of the Haven town in Heroes of Might and Magic V.


  • Shooter - Creature has a ranged attack. When distance to target is longer than half of the battlefield, the target suffers only half the normal damage. Shooter cannot use ranged attack when blocked by enemy creature
  • Precise Shot- When shooting at close less than 3 tiles from target, creatures inflict heavier damage because the target's defense is not effective.


Marksman have a much bigger damage range than the Archer, so blessing him with Divine Strength is always a good idea. If you can block him in a corner with footmen and priests, the Precise Shot will always be available. But dragons can still see them, and the tactic is sensitive to area spells like fireball.


In Heroes of Might and Magic III, the archer has a kettle hat and the marksman had a bascinet. In Heroes of Might and Magic V, it's the reverse.

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