The manticore is a neutral creature in Might & Magic: Heroes VII add-on, Trial by Fire.

The Manticore is a Magical Beast created during the Mythic Age. At that time, the surface of Ashan was irrigated by Dragon Veins. Beasts that drank these untamed rivers of Dragonblood were permanently altered by their powerful magic. The Manticore seems to mix features of various animals (lion, bat and scorpion) and is notorious for its venomous stinger.OffBck


Corroding Venom Corroding Venom
The target of attacks (not retaliations) from this creature get -15 Defence until the end of the target's next turn.OffBck
Crippling Sting Crippling Sting
The creature makes a melee attack dealing -50% Damage that cannot be retaliated and makes the attacked creature incapacitated until the end of it's next turn.OffBck