The Dragon of Darkness is the Faceless Foe, the Slithering Shadow with a hundred faces and a thousand whispers. She is the most intelligent dragon and is also called: "Keeper of the deadly secrets".

Darkness is a fickle and dangerous master. Malassa is a fickle and dangerous mistress and perhaps the most dangerous of Asha's children. Darkness may seem meaningless and formless, but she knows. She has always been here and there, watching from close or afar, drinking the words and screams of the mortal races. In her abyssal womb lie all the forgotten memories and the buried secrets of the past. Malassa skulks, drinking in words, thoughts, and deeds. Secrets that the wicked try to bury, Malassa covets and keeps.

Malassa is mostly worshipped by madmen and doomsayers, fearless spies and assassins.

Malassa holds sway over the shadowy and mysterious Faceless but they were almost brought to extinction during the Elder Wars. In the Historical Age, she has made a sinister pact with the Dark Elves (Dungeon faction) after the War of the Bitter Ashes.

Malassa's children are the Shadow Dragons and the Black Dragons; her more powerful children, like Malsara, can act as guides for her worshipers. One of her first sons is believed to be a Faceless warrior named Caliban.

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