The magma elemental is an elite creature of the Fortress in Might & Magic: Heroes VII add-on, Trial by Fire. It is the upgraded form of the lava elemental.

Magma Elementals are the greater forms of the Lava Elementals, born during the most spectacular (and cataclysmic) volcanic eruptions. These spirits are unstoppable forces of nature, advancing relentlessly and burning anything that stands in their way. OffBck


Immune to Fire Immune to Fire
Fire damage and negative effects of Fire spells do not have an effect on this creature. Fire damage dealt by creatures is reduced by 50%.
The creature cannot be the target of negative Fire spells or effects. Fire damage from enemy attacks is halved.OffBck
Vulnerable to Water Vulnerable to Water
Water damage is increased by 25% when used against this creature.
The creature suffers 25% more Water damage.OffBck
Magma Pond Magma Pond
Applies a 3x3 aura to the ground where the creature currently stands. Any creature caught in the aura's area of effect is dealt Fire damage.
Creates a 4x4 magma pond below the creature that lasts until the end of the next combat round. Creatures entering or starting their turn in the magma pond suffer 10 Fire magic H7 Fire Damage.OffBck


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