Magic fist

"A strong defense is paramount to one's survival, but battles cannot be won by defense alone. So when the time comes strike hard and fast."
Magic Fist is a first-level Order Magic spell in Heroes of Might and Magic IV that costs two spell points and does a number of points of damage based on the level of the caster and their proficiency in Wizardry to a single target within the line-of-sight of the caster.

It does 22 damage per casting, plus 2 per level of the hero (up to 44 plus 4 per level of the Wizardry skill).


This spell is only useful for heroes at lower levels, or when the caster has insufficient mana or skill level to cast the more powerful Ice Bolt. However, stacks of the creature with access to this spell, magi, can be fearsome when their numbers loom large enough.

Magic fist can be cast by magi at 4.8 points of damage per mage.

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