Luther D'Walt, a defendant of Channon, is an antagonist in the Winds of War expansion.


Luther spent his childhood dreaming of becoming a Champion of the Knights of Channon, but a few poor decisions and some bad luck have instead landed him as the commander of a remote outpost on the Frostrift River.OffBck

During the events of Heroes IV: Winds of War, Channon suffered an invasion from the south from Orilios. Having to siege the Outpost in order to set supply lines, Spazz Maticus, the King of Orilios, forced a nearby kingdom of dwarves, otherwise loyal to Channon, to dig a tunnel under the Frostrift River, thus allowing Spazz's forces to reach the Outpost. With the aid of his megadragon allies, Spazz emerged victorious, and defeated Luther in the ensuing clash.


Luther appears exclusively in Frostrift River Pass, the third and last map from the To Rule the World campaign. He is stationed near the Frostrift River Outpost, and has a limited scouting radius that ensures he will guard the town.

Luther is a Level 40 General. He knows Grandmaster Tactics, and Master Offense, Defense, Leadership, Combat, Melee, Archery, Magic Resistance, Scouting and Pathfinding. He is equipped with the David's Sling, the Boots of the Explorer, the Shield of Order, the Mantle of Spell Turning, the Armor of Order and the Crusader's Mace artifacts.


Luther appears only in Winds of War.