Luck is one of the primary stats in all Heroes of Might and Magic games, and a secondary skill in Heroes II, Heroes III, and Heroes V.

Primary skill Edit

Luck - primary skill - H3

Heroes III icon

Luck gives all creatures the chance to do double damage in combat, and take less damage. If the creature has bad luck, it has a chance to do half damage, and take more damage from enemy attacks.

The luck of creatures can be affected by artifacts, the skills of heroes, or adventure map objects.

Secondary skill Edit

In all games where it appears the Luck secondary skill gives the same bonus:

  • Basic Luck gives +1 luck.
  • Advanced Luck gives +2 luck.
  • Expert Luck gives +3 luck.

Heroes II Edit

Grants the hero’s army a bonus to luck in combat.OffBck

Heroes III Edit

The hero’s troops gain a bonus to their luck rating.OffBck
Heroes III Luck Heroes III LuckAdvanced Heroes III LuckExpert

Heroes of Might and Magic V Edit

For Heroes V luck, see Luck (H5).

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