"Perhaps we should go home? I'm no Solmyr!"
This section's canonical status is questionable. It may contain non-canon, quasi-canon or fanmade material, and does not represent official Might and Magic lore.


Lost Palaedra

Lost Palaedra is a disjointed island region in the Beta Ashan, south of the Holy Griffin Empire and southwest of The Doom Sea. It seems to be composed of mossy plains and grassland. The landmass it is situated upon was removed in the final Ashan map.

Judging from its name and the beta map's accompanying globe, the region appears to have been related to Palaedra. Oddly, though, Palaedra is a kingdom in Axeoth, not Ashan, suggesting that the cataclysm that created the Doom Sea may have provoked the world's renaming. It also seems likely that Palaedra was the tentative name for the continent of Thallan.

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