Loscan was a Vampire, member of the Necromantic Order of Enroth. He was not a very prominent figure, but it is supposed he was an acquaintance of Kalibarr.

In order to have a permanent source of fresh blood, Loscan kept a boy named Gauldoth locked in his crypt "like a chicken in a coop". Chance had it that Kalibarr saw Gauldoth and, considering the boy had a "power within [...] that couldn't be wasted", proposed a deal with Loscan. The vampire refused to give Gauldoth away, not even for ten boys of the same age as repayment.

Since Loscan was a member of the Order, Kalibarr couldn't act directly against his rival, so he ensured that a crusader learned the location of the vampire's crypt. Loscan was slain by the holy warrior, and Gauldoth was thus freed and taken under the tutelage of Kalibarr.