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These are scenarios in Heroes of Might and Magic that are counted as well balanced maps designed for competitive hot-seat, LAN or online play. They can be also used for human vs AI playing.

Heroes of Might and Magic IVEdit

  • After the Flood
  • Agathon
  • Battle for the Pine Barrens
  • Barbarian Duels
  • Beyond the Bastard's Reach
  • Charmers' Diplomacy
  • Coastland Jewels
  • Confrontation
  • Dry County Blues
  • Eruption
  • Fierce and Furious
  • Insanity IV
  • Iopiou
  • Mud is Browner
  • Mystic Vale
  • Pearls and Shells
  • Phoenix Island
  • Round the World
  • Quattro
  • Unknown Lands

Might & Magic: Heroes VI Edit

  • A Bridge Too Far

"If you sit by the river long enough you will see the body of your enemy float by."

  • Archipelago of the Ancients

"A thing lives only as long as the last person who remembers it."

  • Brave New World

"When building a better world... use better stones."

  • Brimstone’s Gold

"Merchant and pirate were for a long  time one and the same person."

  • Broken Alliance

"A rich man dies alone. Greed is a jealous friend."

  • Coast of Intrigue

"Talking about bulls is not the same thing as being in the arena."

  • Cradle of Sorrow

"Pleasures are shallow, sorrows deep."

  • Crater Isle

"A fallen lighthouse is more dangerous than a reef."

  • Creek of Lost Souls

"The soul is Asha’s most wonderful gift. It’s a shame so few know how to use it."

  • Crystal Caves

"Crystal rain falls from black clouds."

  • Dire Strait

"Give me a mace and I’ll break a few bones. Give me a loaded caravan, and I’ll break kingdoms."

  • Elven Woods

"The forest will answer you in the way you call to it."

  • Feuding Duchies

"Far from court, far from care."

  • Fortress of Honour

"Until the snake is dead, do not drop the stick."

  • Isles of Judgment

"I’m right because I won."

  • Maze of Shadows

"Count not what is lost but what is left."

  • Nelsham’s Scar

"He laughs at scars who never felt a wound."

  • Pirate Sea

"He who plunders with a little boat is a pirate; he who plunders with a fleet is a conqueror."

  • Rise to Power

"Songs of the brave hero’s death... are written for the champion who slew him."

  • Silence of the Ancestors

"He who listens to the voice of ancestors is like a strong tree; he who turns a deaf ear is like a twig in the wind."

  • The Anniversary

"Dedicated to Jon van Caneghem and the people of New World Computing."

  • The Dark Realm

"Better to light a candle, than to curse the darkness."

  • The Elemental Web

"When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion."

  • The Glacier

"Warm a frozen snake and it will be the first to bite you."

  • The Lost City

"One sturdy house is worth a hundred in ruins."

  • The Wheel of Hate

"Hate is like a wagon wheel. When armies march it turns."

  • To Reign in Hell

"Hell is a peaceful place... for those who do not live there."

  • Tree of Plenty

"Magic and wonders and abundant. It’s the hero that is rare."

  • Warlords of Xeen

"Dedicated to all the fans of Might & Magic."

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