This is a list of artifacts found in Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest.

Artifacts are usually magical objects that increase, or decrease, the players four primary skills, aid in the income of gold, or alter the heroes luck, morale or movement points. The artifacts usually range from +1 - +5. however Morale, Luck and Movement are not clearly stated, it is only said that it is increased, or decreased.

Attack Skill ArtifactsEdit

Name Artifact Effect
Dragon Sword
ArtifactDragon SwordI
+3 to Attack
Giant Flail
ArtifactGiant FlailI
+1 to Attack
Power Axe
ArtifactPower AxeI
+2 to Attack
Thunder Mace
ArtifactThunder MaceI
+1 to Attack

Defense Skill ArtifactsEdit

Name Artifact Effect
Armored Gauntlet
ArtifactArmored GauntletsI
+1 to Defense
Defender Helm
ArtifactDefender HelmI
+1 to Defense
Divine Breastplate
ArtifactDivine BreastplateI
+3 to Defense
Stealth Shield
ArtifactStealth ShieldI
+2 to Defense

Knowledge ArtifactsEdit

Name Artifact Effect
Minor Scroll
ArtifactMinor ScrollI
+2 to Knowledge
Major Scroll
ArtifactMajor ScrollI
+3 to Knowledge
Superior Scroll
ArtifactSuperior ScrollI
+4 to Knowledge
Foremost Scroll
ArtifactForemost ScrollI
+5 to Knowledge

Spellpower ArtifactsEdit

Name Artifact Effect
Arcane Necklace
ArtifactArcane NecklaceI
+4 to Spellpower
Witch's Broach
ArtifactWitche's BroachI
+3 to Spellpower
Mage's Ring
ArtifactMage's RingI
+2 to Spellpower
Caster's Bracelet
ArtifactCaster's BraceletI
+2 to Spellpower

Resource ArtifactsEdit

Name Artifact Effect
Endless Purse
ArtifactEndless PurseI
Gives you +500 gold income each day
Endless Bag
ArtifactEndless BagI
Gives you +750 gold income each day
Endless Sack
ArtifactEndless SackI
Gives you +1000 gold income each day

Morale ArtifactsEdit

Name Artifact Effect
Decreases your Morale greatly *
Medal of Courage
ArtifactMedal CourageI
Increases your Morale
Medal of Distinction
ArtifactMedal DistinctionI
Increases your Morale
Medal of Honor
ArtifactMedal HonorI
Increases your Morale
Medal of Valor
ArtifactMedal ValorI
Increases your Morale

Luck ArtifactsEdit

Name Artifact Effect
Increases your Luck
Increases your Luck
Increases your Luck
Rabbit's Foot
ArtifactRabbit's FootI
Increases your Luck

Movement ArtifactsEdit

Name Artifact Effect
Increases your movements over sea
Increases your movement over land and sea
Nomad Boots
ArtifactNomad BootsI
Increases your movement over land
Traveler's Boots
ArtifactTraveler's BootsI
Increases your movement over land

Miscellanous ArtifactsEdit

Name Artifact Effect

Allows your Catapult to fire twice in a round

Ultimate ArtifactsEdit

Name Artifact Effect
Ultimate Wand
ArtifactUltimate WandI
+12 to Spellpower
Ultimate Spellbook
ArtifactUltimate BookI
+12 to Knowledge
Ultimate Sword
ArtifactUltimate SwordI
+12 to Attack
Ultimate Cloak
ArtifactUltimate CloakI
+12 to Defense
Main article: ultimate artifact

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