For other creatures of the same name, see Lich king.
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LichKing LoMM
Hit Points: 120
Damage: 10
Range: 200
Speed: 11.5
Attack Speed: Instantaneous
Treasure: 200 gold

Even those who have stared down a Lich are never prepared for the fear they will face when confronted by the Lich King. The death ray is just the beginning - never allow the Lich King to touch you.OffBck

The lich king is a monster in Legends of Might and Magic. It is a stronger version of the lich, and has an accurate beam weapon that cannot be dodged.

Fortunately, it attacks slowly, so the player can run out, use their ranged weapons, then run behind cover before it fires.

Lich kings can be encountered in the Dragonblade, Forgotten Keep, and Secrets of the Sphinx scenarios.