Learning is a secondary skill in Heroes of Might and Magic III. When acquired by a hero, it increases the percentage of experience they receive by 5% per skill level in any action in which they receive an experience boost, such as victory in combat, visiting Learning Stones or seizing Treasure Chests.

Any hero can obtain Learning, and most have an equal chance of being offered the skill, though no heroes specialise in it.

The Enlightenment skill in Heroes V is a very similar, yet enhanced take on its effects.


Level Icon Effect
Basic Learning LearningBasicHIII Earned experience is increased by 5%.
Advanced Learning LearningAdvancedHIII Earned experience is increased by 10%.
Expert Learning LearningExpertHIII Earned experience is increased by 15%.

Probability of learning LearningEdit

All 18 classes can acquire Learning, and all but two have an equal 4 in 112 chance of being offered it on level up. Only Planeswalkers and Alchemists are exceptions; Planeswalkers have a higher 8 chances, while Alchemists have 10.

Heroes who start with LearningEdit

Heroes who begin the game with the Learning skill as standard include:


  • The Learning skill's graphic representations were designed by Brian S. Kemper.

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