The Lay of the Steadfast is an Ashan-native ballad composed by the Elves of Irollan. It retells the story of an epic battle against the Dark Elves held in the city of Hallin, wherein a poorly supplied and outnumbered band of warriors held the town against their foes' assaults for three days during the storms of winter.[1]


  1. Heroes of Might and Magic V. Ubisoft. Quote: "This city's name is synonymous with 'hero' in the mind of the Elves, a heavily outnumbered and undersupplied group of warriors held off an army of Dark Elves for three days during the storms of winter. All it takes is for the horns to blow the melody of the Lay of the Steadfast that retells the story of the battle, and the defenders’ hearts are filled with confidence." (in English). 2006.

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