Krik is a Death Knight that appears in the Death March campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic IV: Winds of War. He serves Baron Von Tarkin, undead ruler of Korresan.

Biography Edit

At first glance, this clean-cut, well-mannered man appears to be an average knight. But a dark heart dwells within his handsome exterior, as Krik is one of the most depraved men alive. Nothing is sacred to him, and with each passing day he sinks further and further into his own all-consuming darkness.OffBck

Lieutenant Krik was one of the servants of Baron Von Tarkin, and participated in the preparations before the invasion of Channon. He accompanied Von Tarkin when the baron searched the barrows in Qassar for hidden treasure, and during the struggles against the druids of Alderoth Valley.

When this was done, Von Tarkin promoted Krik to the rank of captain, and told him to take some forces and guard the valley against counterattack. Von Tarkin had never really trusted Krik, but knew that he could still guard the supply lines.

It is unknown what happened to Krik and Von Tarkin after the siege at Rylos.

Gameplay Edit

Krik is a third-level Death Knight, and starts with advanced tactics and offense. He appears in the Prelude to Invasion and Flies in the Ointment scenarios.

Notes Edit

He has the same icon as Jarvis, and a similar (though not identical) in-game biography.

Appearances Edit

Krik appears only in Heroes of Might and Magic IV: Winds of War.