Having never recieved any formal training in the magical arts, Kozuss is a "wild" wizard, one of the rare few somehow capable of wielding both Chaos and Order magic without destroying himself. Though young and sometimes reckless, he is loyal to a fault, happily (and some say, stupidly) volunteering for whatever task comes along.OffBck

Kozuss is the campaign hero for the Opposites Attract campaign. The use of that hero requires The Gathering Storm expansion pack.

Kozuss was one of the heroes from Devonshire, five friends that sought to end the reign of the mad Hexis, who perverted nature around him for his own gain. They travelled out to seek mighty artifacts, and Kozuss searched for the Ice Scales and the Flame of Chaos, which would improve his skills in Order and Chaos magic.

After visiting the Chaos Oracle, a wise man that knew where to find the Flame of Chaos,[1] Kozuss travelled to the islands of Alagash, competing with the wild tribes to aquire the artifact.[2] He then went to Merlion, visiting a magical library to gain the Ice Scales.[3] With the artifacts in hand, he decided to go to Jelrith, the capital of Merlion, to compete with the shadow mage Suldrin for the Necklace of Balance, which would increase the strength of the two other artifacts.[4]

Once all three artifacts were in his possession, Kozuss travelled back to Devonshire, to meet with his friends and prepare for the fight against Hexis. After battling his minions, the five heroes faced the powerful magician himself, managing to defeat him.[5]

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