The kobold pathfinder is a core creature of the Fortress in Might & Magic: Heroes VII add-on, Trial by Fire. It is the upgraded form of the kobold scout.

Due to their animal nature, Kobolds have a natural affinity with the wilds. The possess a strong sense of smell, and their fur provides apt protection against the harsh weather conditions encountered in the mountains. The Dwarves of Sudgerd quickly noticed the Kobolds' talents and put them to good use, enlisting them as trackers and pathfinders. OffBck


Nimble H7 Nimble
The creature's Defense is increased when fighting against Large (2x2) creatures. The Flanking bonus of Large creatures is also nullified.
The creature has +10 Defense while being attacked or retaliated by large creatures. The creature cannot be flanked by large creatures.OffBck


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