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Introduced in Might & Magic: Heroes VI
Class Knight
Race Human
Gender Male
Native world Ashan
Status Unknown
Affiliation Holy Falcon Empire
Appearances Icon-H6

Karloff is a hero in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.


Karloff was born the son of the Baron Piotr, banished from the Griffin lands by the Duke Pavel for his peculiar sense of justice – one involving sharp stakes and barbed whips. Piotr was immediately accepted into the Wolf Duchy and tasked with the administration of the Duke’s secret slave mines. Karloff inherited the responsibility upon the mysterious death of his father, and production was doubled under him, a result of his harsh but just treatment of the slaves which contrasted against his father’s acrimonious abuse. As a result, Karloff was awarded the title of Master Engineer by a young Duke Gerhart. The only scandal which has ever concerned Karloff came after his refusal to attend Piotr’s funeral.OffBck


Karloff is a Knight.


Tutorial CampaignEdit

  • The Emperor's Will: Karloff will be one of the heroes to attack Slava.

Stronghold CampaignEdit

  • No Country for Orc Friends: Karloff will insult Sandor, so Sandor has no choice but to attack him.

Sanctuary CampaignEdit

  • The Winding Stair: Irina must battle Karloff to stop his assault on a village. Once he is defeated, Irina has option to execute (blood points) or imprison him (tears points).


Karloff appears only in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.


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