Jennica Bradley is a minor character that's briefly mentioned in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. According to a letter that Gerrard Blackames sent to Jarvis, Jennica was one of the two greatest enemies of the Silver Helms, alongside Charles D'Sorpigal.

Gerrard wanted Jarvis to convince Bertrand Scrivner, the mayor of Mist, to let the Silver Helms police the area. Once Jarvis had taken control of the area around Mist, he was supposed kill Charles, Jennica, and the mayor, the three greatest enemies of the order in the area. A party of adventurers found the note and delivered to Charles D'Sorpigal, foiling the Silver Helms' plans.

It's not known who Jennica was, and why the order placed the person so high on their list of enemies.