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"In the morning, I will launch an offensive against Harondale's main territory. One way or the other, this long feud will soon be at an end."
—Jarkonas VI[src]

King Jarkonas VI
Jarkonas VI as he appears in Heroes II: The Price of Loyalty.
Introduced in [[Icon-H2X Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Price of Loyalty (1997)]]
Class H2-Wizard Wizard (Heroes II)
Race Human
Gender Male
Native world Price of Loyalty setting
Status Alive (as of Descendants)
Occupation Ruler of the Kingdom of Jarkonas
Affiliation Kingdom of Jarkonas
Relatives The Descendants
Appearances Heroes II: The Price of Loyalty

King Jarkonas VI is a major character in Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Price of Loyalty. He is the narrator of the Descendants campaign, and protagonist of its final scenario.

As the last scion to his family's ancient kingdom, Jarkonas looks upon it as his duty to "finish what his ancestors started", and attempts to bring an end to an acrimonious, generations-old feud with Harondale, a rival realm.


Jarkonas VI exclusively features as a playable hero in The Epic Battle, under the blue flag. He is a level 2 Wizard with 1000 experience points, armed with 12 Goblins, 8 Orcs, 8 Wolves and 6 Ogres. If Jarkonas is defeated in battle, the scenario is lost.[1]


Jarkonas serves as the campaign's narrator, describing the history and lineage of his ancestors during the cinematics which connect its eight scenarios. It is not revealed that he is the final living descendant until the concluding mission. Unlike his forefathers (except Joseph and his sons), Jarkonas is a Wizard, not a Barbarian.[1]

After Ethania Geldria II retook the pivotal castle of Ivory Gates from Harondale, the family began to grow stronger, and Harondale's luck "turned against them in battles on other fronts". Having told his tale, Jarkonas resolved to launch an offensive on their main territory, determined to face his precursors' foes and permanently end their long dispute, "one way or the other".[1]

Ultimately, Jarkonas outmaneuvered and conquered Harondale's kingdom, leaving its rulers to flee or be slain. With their lands under his control, Jarkonas returned to his castle to live out his final years in peace.[1]


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Preceded by:
Ethania Geldria II
(most recent known predecessor)
Ruler of the Kingdom of Jarkonas
Jarkonas VI
Succeeded by:

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