For the character in Ashan, see Ivor (Ashan).

Ivor is a male elven ranger and archer, appearing in Heroes of Might and Magic III and Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

Gameplay Edit

Heroes III Edit

Ivor is a Ranger. He starts with basic archery and offense.

Hero Trait
ElfH3 specialty Elves
Increases the Attack and Defense skills of any Wood Elves or Grand Elves for each level attained after 3th level.OffBck

Heroes IV Edit

Ivor is an Archer.


Heroes III Edit

Ivor's lineage can be traced back nearly to the Silence. Though bred as nobility, he has always been a hothead, preferring to lead an attack rather than wait to be attacked. His brashness has so far kept him alive.OffBck

Heroes IV Edit

Ivor proudly traces his lineage back to the Silence. Though born into elven nobility, he remains an archer - one of the best - who fights for the greater glory of his race (and himself, of course). Regrettably, the destruction of AvLee and the loss of his wealth hasn't quelled his arrogance.OffBck

Appearances Edit

Ivor appears in Heroes of Might and Magic III and Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

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