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Isle of Fire is a Slay the Dragon scenario in Legends of Might and Magic. Players can encounter dragonflies and troglodytes.

Description Edit

Fame, fortune, and rare magical artifacts. Why else would anyone dare to brave the Isle of Fire and challenge a fearsome dragon?OffBck

Good team Edit

You have been sent to slay the dragon and return with his treasure for the glory of your kingdom. Knowing that your enemies seek the dragon's riches for themselves, you must complete your task first or make sure that they can not complete their own objective.OffBck

Evil team Edit

A dragon's treasure will fill your coffers nicely, not to mention the prestige you would gain from completing such a task. The forces of Good think they can claim the prize first. Your job is to prove them wrong, no matter the cost.OffBck

Gameplay Edit

This small scenario takes place in a cavern mostly consisting of a lake of lava with rocks sticking out of it. Players must jump from rock to rock to travel around. Each of the teams begins in a small chamber, with three passages leading to the lake. The sleeping dragon is located on one end of the lake.

Most of the fighting is going to take place on or near the lake of lava, so scrolls of lava protection will be very useful. The best tactic is to stay away from the dragon and instead focus on slaying the other team. Players should use the tunnels for cover and fire away as soon as they see a target.

Weapons like the gravity axe and the wand of force can be used to push enemy players into the lava.

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