The ironpick zealot is a monster in Crusaders of Might and Magic.

PC version Edit

Icon-Crusaders Ironpick zealot Icon-Crusaders
IronpickZealot CoMM PC
Hit Points: 60
Damage: 6 (earth)
Speed: Average
Spells: Stone Skin
Experience: 100
Earth: 50
Light: 100
Dark: 100
Bash: 50
Slash: 25

The ironpick zealot appears in the Corantha Mines. It is a stronger version of the ironpick rebel, and usually wields a War Hammer. Their small size makes them somewhat hard to hit.

The zealot is stronger than the regular rebel, but isn't too hard to take down. The player can use spells to slay from afar, or just kill them in close combat.

PlayStation version Edit

"I told you to see if he's in the league with the Faceless, not to burn his eyes out!"
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Icon-Crusaders Ironpick zealot Icon-Crusaders
Hit Points: 200
Damage: 30-60
Strength: 50
Level: 3
Experience: 900
Treasure: 40 gold
Exploding gem
Normal: 50
Fire: 45
Air: 45
Water: 45
Earth: 45
Mind: 90
Spirit: 45
Body: 25
Light: 45
Dark: 45

Originally the core leaders of the working caste, the Ironpick Zealots are doubtless the most dedicated to the ideals of equality. Unfortunately, their tendency toward rash thinking makes them erratic and potentially hazardous.OffBck

The ironpick zealot also appears in the PlayStation version. It is stronger than the ironpick rebel, but weaker than the ironpick mage.