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The familial crest of the Enrothian Ironfists

The Ironfist dynasty is a Human ruling family who have reigned on both VARN-4 and Enroth. As the leaders of several nations, they bear The Mandate of Heaven and are prolific warlords. Their original familial crest is presumed to be the White Wolf, while their Enrothian crest is the Lion's Shield of Courage.

Prone to blood feuds, the Ironfists have continually waged war among their own: the first Ironfist to set foot on Enroth, Morglin, had previously conflicted with his cousin Ragnar, while their own fathers had squabbled for the right to rule, with Ragnar's the victor. Some decades later, Morglin's sons Roland and Archibald clashed in a continent-wide civil war for their father's throne.


Morglin Ironfist's crest

The Ironfists were instrumental in uniting the continent of Enroth as a nation, with Morglin defeating Lord Alamar and constructing Ironfist Keep as the capital city. The Ironfists' fate would intertwine with that of the Gryphonhearts, and Nicolai Ironfist bears the blood of both families. It is presumed that the Ironfists on VARN-4 also continue to rule Castle White Wolf, though they have not been mentioned since Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest.

The Ironfist line continued to endure for generations after the timeframe of the Reckoning - its latest known descendants were King Ironfist and his brother, who engaged in another sibling conflict for Castle Kanan.

The IronfistsEdit

Known individuals within the Ironfist family include:

Morglin and Ragnar's fathers were also part of the line, though are unnamed.

Ewine, Morglin's wife and Catherine Gryphonheart were married into the family. It is unclear whether Seth Ironfist was part of this bloodline.