For the faction in other games, see Inferno.

Inferno is a faction in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions.

Chaos demands havoc and destruction and only the strongest will survive the onslaught. Can you force your will upon the demonic hordes and conquer all? Are you born to crush all who stand in your way!?OffBck

Playing styleEdit

Inferno's tactics are very aggressive, but they don't stand much in defense. A lot of creatures have Sweep Attack or Attack Anywhere abilities. Other cards force the opponent to discard cards and inflict damage for doing so, or simply inflict damage on the opponent's creatures. The favorite school of Inferno is Fire, the second one being Dark.

Inferno's creatures are breeders (which summon breeder tokens), succubi, maniacs, imps and other demons (e.g. pit lord).


Lists of cards
Inferno DoC
Heroes Creatures Spells (Fire) Fortunes Buildings
  • Card back with Inferno faction logo
  • Card back, silver premium version
  • Card back, gold premium version


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