An Immortal is a sentient creature (usually human) who has, through some means, managed to become incapable of death. They are not necessarily ageless, but tend to retain their normal forms. Undead or creatures who inherently cannot be killed (such as elementals) are not classed among their number.

The only known examples of such beings are the Immortal Hero Tarnum and Grand Vizier Gavin Magnus, the Immortal King of the nation of Bracada. Tarnum obtained his immortality from the influence of The Ancestors, while it is believed Magnus' stems from a spell.[1]

If fatally wounded, an Immortal recovers extremely swiftly, their injuries quickly healing.[2][3] When a long-lived Immortal is cut off from the influence that grants them their inability to die, they begin to age rapidly, as if making up for lost time; however, they can be restored if the influence returns.[4] In both cases, their bodies normally revert to the state they were in when they first attained their power.


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