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Ignatius is a quest of the Forgotten Wars campaign in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions.


To access this quest, the previous quest, The Orcs of the Sahaar, must be completed.

Interestingly, the shaman, Zouleika, is actually a human, who was a wizard of the Seven Cities. However, she left, because many wizards, like Hakeem, abused the orcs and beastmen. Fortunately, Ga'arend persuades her to calm down and Hakeem explains the story about Gazal. Zouleika is angry about Gazal; knowing she was a threat to orcs, Zouleika went to gather tribes to stand against Gazal. The next night, the group arrives to rocks crags. There, Hakeem states Ignatius, an incubus, could be found. Apparently, he was the one that sided with Sandro, but refused to ally himself with Gazal. However, just as Hakeem explained Ignatius can be paranoid, the ground explodes, as demons come out to ravage.

Ignatius will force the hero to empty their hand. Even while empty, he will also try to fill out their hand to discard cards, to power up fate benders.