Icon-Crusaders Ice titan Icon-Crusaders
IceTitan Crusaders
Hit Points: 100
Damage: 5 Bash
Speed: Average
Undead: No
Experience: 75
Fire: -25
Water: 50
Light: 100
Dark: 100

A legendary creature fabled to live in the hostile glacial regions to the south of the Vastness Mountains. Popular legend states that the Glacial Titans are a mysterious race of primitive giants, averse to strangers, aggressive toward interlopers and having inexplicable powers. Should legend prove to be true, these imposing giants would be quite a fearsome and fantastic race!OffBck

The ice titan, also known as the glacial titan, is a monster in the PC version of Crusaders of Might and Magic. It can be encountered in The Glaciers. It is similar to the yeti in the PlayStation version.

Ice titans are resistant to water attacks and immune to light and dark, but are vulnerable to fire damage, so the fireball spell is particularly effective.

The largest ice titans are known as major ice titans. They are ruled by the ice titan king.