Horned Demons are slow and sturdy creatures who serve as the basic infantry of the infernal armies. They are built to withstand great amounts of damage, as their thick hide is hard to penetrate.OffBck

The horned demon is the second-level Inferno creature in Heroes of Might and Magic V. It can be upgraded to a horned overseer. The alternative upgrade, the horned grunt, becomes available in Tribes of the East.

The horned demon is capable of taking a lot of damage, with high hitpoints for a second-level creature. Unfortunately, its attack is quite low, meaning that while it'll be alive for most of the combat, it won't do much damage.


  • Demonic - This creature belongs to Inferno. The Chain shot (Succubus Mistress ability) does not affect it but it is vulnerable to Holy Word spell.
  • Enrage - This creature's Attack increases during combat when any stack of friendly units dies (except resurrected creatures or creatures summoned on battlefield by magic). The increase is proportional to the killed stack relative power in the army.

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