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The aim of the project is to create an add-on for Heroes of Might & Magic III SoD\WoG (it will be installable over every version) with lots of new features. The main focus of add-on is the quality of all new features. This includes the maintenance of original game balance, and of course making all new graphic materials in the original heroes style.

HotA IS NOT a new version or sequel or new branch of the WoG add-on - it is absolutely independent and is created by different people. The HotA team has no connections with the WoG team at all. As for the technical aspect – ERM script language from WoG is used in add-on, and also the full compatibility with WoG will be saved. Players will be able to play WoG maps and campaigns and even to switch on the WoG options panel in HotA (if they want of course =))

Main direction is to create the classical add-on. What is meant by the term “classical”? This can be explained by an example – the original Heroes III add-on – Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's Blade - included new monsters, new landscapes, new artifacts and as the “main dish” - the new town. But the original Heroes style and gameplay remained the same in the add-on. The same can be said about the HotA. The main tendency for it is the development and improvement of traditional game elements instead of making something absolutely new and sometimes out of style. Also we work on the technical progress of the game we are going to improve some graphics and the interface.

In June, 2010 one of the team members published the unfinished executable of HotA. It was quite buggy and unstable, but it showed some progress: it had the new town added without changing any of the others.

Version 1.3 has been released on 31December, 2013. Is includes English translation and is available for download, see

versions of the HotAEdit

It is planned to create three global versions of add-on (these plans are only for the nearest future. There will be more versions):

  • 1.0 includes Cove Town, the first part of the add-on campaign, some new artifacts, monsters, objects etc.
  • 2.0 New Kronverk Town, the second part of the campaign (and also new missions connected with alternative town creatures besides the main campaign), new arts, monsters, spells and objects.
  • 3.0 New Cathedral town, the third part of the campaign and some new stuff.
  • 4.0 and later - Undecided yet. It’s likely to be the roman style town.

List of planned featuresEdit

New towns Edit

• The Pirates Cove. The main part of its population is pirates, brigands, marine creatures und different deep-sea monsters. The general alignment is neutral. The strategy and tactics are oriented on the fast unit speed and sudden attack. As for the weak sides of the town can be mentioned 4-level magic guild, rather weak defense and that some town features become useless on maps without water landscape. The general architecture style of the Cove is medieval and a bit rough. Most buildings are wooden except the stone Fort. The Cove will be released in HotA 1.0 beta-version 0.1.

• The Kronverk (germ.) – the alliance of the northern nations – dwarves, highlanders and nordlings. The town consists of these races and other northern mythical creatures. The Kronwerk tactical style will depend on maximal defense and to the magical potential of the town NEW magic spells (Rune magic) will be added. As for the weak sides – rather slow unit speed and no flying units. Architecture – roman style and some Eskimo-styled (igloo, buildings made from ice and snow). The town will be released in HotA 2.0.

• The Cathedral - inquisition, religious fanatics practicing torture and magic. Neutral alignment – (for their objectives tend to be good, but their methods are certainly evil). Strategy and tactics – attack oriented, powerful attack spells. Weak sides – rather slow speed, medium defense. Classic Gothic architecture – high buildings, narrow windows, faint lightning. The town screen will have bleak and sombre autumn atmosphere. This town will be released in HotA 3.0.

Alternative creaturesEdit

There will be three alternative creatures in every original town, as well as in every new town. For example in the Rampart you will have to choose what to build – the Pegasus dwelling or the dwelling for new alternative monster – Satyr. Satyrs will be 4th level creatures as well as Pegasus.

The reason of including alternative monsters in the game is to add loads of new tactic schemes and to improve the game balance. Do not confuse alternative monsters with alternative upgrades. Alternative units will be absolutely new without any connections with the former ones. When creating appearance for our alternative units the team is tend to preserve the original unit style of the town. For example – the alternative unit of the CastleSquire and his upgrade – Royal Guard.

other featuresEdit

  • New map objects: It’s planned to add more map objects to extend player’s abilities and make the game more interesting.
  • New artifacts: In the first three versions there are going to be released up to 150 new artifacts with unique qualities and appearance. To every artifact class (Treasure, Relic, etc) will be added equal number of new ones. Some artifacts will be part of new combination artifacts. You can see most of new artifacts on HotA screenshots.
  • New spells: There will be 12 new spells in the first version.
  • New terrain types: three new terrain types will be added in the first versions. Do not confuse them with terrain map objects (like the Cursed Land and Clouds etc)
  • Commanders: For most players the idea of commanders is familiar. HotA will include them, but their general role in battle, their characteristics and their development will be changed completely. This innovation will be included in the 1.5 version.
  • The unit (stack) experience: this idea (from WoG) will be remade considering the terms of balance and gamplay. It will be included in the 2.0 version.
  • Town Keepers: The player will be able to hire a new unique unit to protect his town. This unit will be only one for the player and will be used only while the siege of the towns. Will be included in the 1.0
  • Ammunition: Each type of monsters will have the ammunition – some analogue for creatures’ artifacts. This feature will appear only in the 3.0 version.
  • New siege machines: Each and every town both original and new ones will have their own siege machines. Now this machines are – the ballista, the first aid tent and the ammo cart. This addition will be optional and will appear in the 2.0 version.

The team and supportEdit

the team does not have any bosses, coordinators and other useless gradations and divisions. All members have equal rights and duties. The project was organized by the group of friends and accomplices and has no commercial interest. The idea of the add-on was established in the 2007 but it’s active development started in 2008.


the text was copied and slightly edited from horn of the abyss official thread here. screenshots were collected from throughout the same thread

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