Features addedEdit


  • Necromancy principles changed
  • Training principles changed

Bugs repaired and changes madeEdit


  • When an attached map is used to create a multiplayer game, the game no longer crashes for the players trying to connect to the game
  • Multiplayer game mistiming in certain specific circumstances repaired
  • RMG crashes in attempts to generate certain maps fixed
  • Game freezes on MP with time limit on in some special situations fixed
  • Editor crashes in several specific cases fixed
  • Trouble with Autosave working incorrectly in certain cases fixed
  • Game no longer crashes when Empowered Meteor Shower hits areas with no enemy creatures

Camera, graphics, interfacesEdit

  • Happiness animation added for Fortress creatures
  • Visual errors in mission-pertaining cut-scenes fixed
  • Renegade heroes’ attack animation fixed
  • The Monster Strength list in RMG interfaces now sorts correctly
  • Player now sees caravans that can’t move
  • The issue with no message displaying when trying to move a hero from ‘visiting’ slot to ‘garrison’ with Space hotkey although he does not have enough free slots to gather all the army is now fixed
  • Trouble with player not being informed of the number of creatures who want to join now fixed
  • Trouble with inaccessibility of Hero Screen and Ghost Screen interfaces in certain specific cases fixed
  • The slider buttons of the Split Stack interface now move only one creature for each click
  • Wrong difficultly level indication in the network game’s tooltip corrected
  • Combat statistics corrected
  • Twitches that happened when rotating the camera in towns with high FPS rates now fixed
  • When ghosts combat in Ghost Mode, the player now sees how much damage the ghost has suffered
  • In 3x3 Duel, a message telling that the opponent replaces a hero has now been added
  • Camera’s movement for following the hero now fixed (the camera no longer falls behind the hero in high movement velocity)
  • Camera now moves to the nearest of the caravans when clicking on a pop-up telling about caravans standstill
  • The hero’s path no longer appears on the Puzzle Map
  • Hero’s flag color change when changing owner by the script (SetObjectOwner) now fixed
  • Special Hero Trail no longer disappears when loading a saved game
  • Various texts corrected

Gameplay, Mechanics, BalanceEdit

  • Calculations for quick combat fixed (the results used to differ from auto combat at times)
  • The AI does not cast the Armageddon spell anymore if it can win with no casualties without using the spell
  • The AI now understands various player’s diverting placing tactics (like those needed to defend the shooting creatures)
  • The AI can now bring its troops closer to the moats
  • Hero with Angel Wings or Boots of Levitation does not land on impassable tiles anymore.
  • AI does not cease to cast spells anymore after Counterspell has been cast
  • The Eternal Light perk modified (Hero’s light spells are now twice harder to dispel. Opposite spells like Slow vs. Haste applied by an enemy to hero’s creatures have a 50% chance to fail.)
  • Resource cost of certain buildings in Fortress modified (Dwarves need Crystals more than Gems now)
  • Warlord controlled by Puppet Master damages himself no longer when using the Stormstrike ability
  • Movement Points subtraction when using the Town Portal spell corrected
  • Possibility of leaving a hero without an army in network game removed
  • Fountain of Fortune no longer grants +0 Luck
  • Summon Creatures spell now works similarly to that in the original game, version 1. 3 and higher, taking 75% of the Hero’s movement points for the day after summoning.
  • In 3x3 Duel, stacks can only be split when a new army (a hero who has not fought yet) is placed onto the field
  • Possibility of Consume Artifact being used on the same creature again (when the artifact already no longer exists) removed
  • Improper behavior of Souldrinker specialization for spell-casting creatures of the hero’s army now fixed
  • In Duel, micro-artifacts can now only be equipped onto Academy creatures
  • Warlords can no longer damage towers in Siege combat
  • Magical elements now work with new creatures as well


  • Map ‘Questing For Peace’: Improper collision between the guarding stack and Dwarven Military Post now fixed
  • Map ‘The Duel’: trouble with impossibility to complete the mission if one of the players has lost his or her hero before 2 weeks expire now fixed
  • Map ‘The Guerillas’: The trouble with the camera auto-focusing even if the Dwarves have joined the hero now fixed

Map Editor and RMGEdit

  • RMG now creates better imbued and balanced maps
  • Certain bugs in map generation now fixed
  • Non-working objects removed from the editor (Dwarven bridges, Dwarven wall_down set)
  • “Wand Of...” artifacts have the setting of their number of charges corrected
  • “Defeat Neutrals” objective now works (it now works for all cases)
  • Minimap can be hidden now in RMG generation screen
  • “Random town” can now be selected as an option in the random map generator
  • The starting race can now be selected in the Game Create screen of the random map generator (if the "random town" were selected before)

Undocumented changesEdit

  • Improved game response performance in MP standard mode.

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