Features addedEdit

  • "Paper doll" in Hero inventory interface
  • Support for p2p network in the game and in the editor (now maps can be loaded from shared folders without downloading, check the map editor documentation for more details)

Note: If you have maps with same name in "C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Heroes of Might and Magic V\Maps" folder and in the p2p's folder then the game will activate the map from game's folder.

Bugs repaired and changes madeEdit


  • Game no longer freezes on sending results to ubi screen
  • Game no longer freezes on Ubi rating games when host is disconnected
  • Game results will not be submitted to situation is no longer present
  • Placing the "entry point object on the map no longer causes the editor to freeze"


  • 'Move Hero' button disabling at turn start in some situations no longer present
  • Hero movement path plotting on Puzzle Map seen no longer
  • In the Wait interface players default names now change with player color change
  • Select spell region difference with spell icon exists no longer
  • Showing more then 1k creatures in one stack now is correct
  • the big icon of Random Hero in Duel creation interface now is correct
  • option changes now may be saved by clicking 'Apply' button
  • the “Clear” button in Hall Of Fame no longer erases all results including the default ones
  • not all the upgrades performed are updated correctly bug exists no more
  • no movement path after exiting whirlpool bug fixed
  • Vital information no longer displayed after player presses 'End Turn' button in Hot Seat Mode
  • icons of Shadow Matriarch, Cavalier, Spectre, Wraith, Silver Unicorn, Emerald Dragon now are in accordance with their models
  • icon of Sack of Endless Gold now is accordance with model
  • mission results screen has been improved
  • the Alt+F4 shortcut works correctly now in multiplayer duel mode
  • many text bugs have been fixed

Gameplay, Mechanics, BalanceEdit

  • Duel 3x3 concept has been improved
  • the problem with incomplete army positioning in Duel 3x3 mode exists no longer
  • Gremlins can repair machines and construct creatures only once per combat in all situations
  • Mages no longer damage themselves from casting
  • the ability "Guardian Angel" no longer gives an extra turn to the hero after the stack resurrected by the "Guardian Angel" has died
  • Vampires no longer regenerate when attacking undead creatures
  • Pendant of Mastery and Artificier manipulating exploit fixed
  • specialization for dungeon hero Eruina now works correctly
  • changes in cost of buildings in Sylvan town
  • creatures now are collected in dwellings
  • all levels of Magic Guild cost equally in all towns
  • now creatures don’t disappear in combat when splitting stacks
  • skill Gating now is more balanced and improved
  • perk "Power of speed" was changed and grants "Mass Haste" spell now
  • perk "Power of Endurance" was changed and grants "Mass Endurance" spell now
  • building "Dragon Tombstone" (Necropolis) now requires Dragon Graveyard to be built first.
  • building "Library" (Academy) now requires Magic Guild to be built first.
  • perk “Imbue Ballista” (Ranger) can't be obtained by the hero without perk “Imbue Arrow” now.
  • Warlock can get "Resistance" and "Counterspell" perks now.

Map EditorEdit

  • functionality of the Map Editor has been improved
  • Hero Editor Tool has been improved


  • wrong camera behavior when a Paladin attacked by the range attack creature now fixed
  • wrong camera behavior when a unit is "scared" by the attack of the Hell Charger now fixed
  • wrong camera behavior when a creature attacked by the attack of Ranger now fixed
  • the auto-combat button doesn't have a correct refreshing of its icon in hot seat when 2 human players are carrying the combat bug exist no longer
  • the delay between clicking on a hero's destination and his actual movement on the adventure map now fixed
  • wrong system resolution after system went to standby bug exists no more
  • sky in Necropolis town has been improved

...and some more.

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